Version History - SSLRobot 1.x

Version 1.2.22 - 17 Mar 2021

  • Changed: Encryption ciphers that do not support forward secrecy are now marked as weak
  • Changed: Encryption ciphers that use SHA message authentication (MAC) are now marked as weak
  • Changed: Encryption ciphers that use CBC mode are now marked as weak
  • Changed: A warning is generated for the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols as they will soon be deprecated by browsers
  • Changed: On macOS version 10.13 (High Sierra) or later is required
  • Fixed: The detection of downgrade protection (SCSV) failed on some hosts

Version 1.2.21 - 13 Sep 2019

  • Improved: Supports hosts that use an IP based SSL certificate

Version 1.2.19 - 05 Nov 2018

  • New: The Network section on Windows now indicates whether NTLM authentication was used with a proxy

Version 1.2.14 - 31 Aug 2018

  • New: The results of a test can now be saved to a file, emailed or printed
  • New: SSLRobot now has a free, unlicensed mode rather having a limited trial. The free mode is fully functional but limits the new output features unless a license is purchased
  • New: Now uses the local operating system's root CA certificates allowing servers to be tested that use a company's own custom root CA certificate
  • New: Information about proxy configuration is shown in the Network section
  • New: SSLRobot on Windows can now run tests through proxies requiring NTLM authentication
  • New: SSLRobot on Windows can now run tests through secure proxies (i.e. ones that require a HTTPS connection to the proxy)
  • Fixed: SSLRobot would fail to test servers that only supported ECDHE/GCM ciphers with TLS 1.2
  • Fixed: License keys can now be entered on Windows where the network uses a secure proxy and/or NTLM authentication
  • Fixed: Now works with Fiddler debugging proxy

Version 1.1.2 - 02 May 2018

  • Fixed: SSLRobot could fail to install on older Windows systems with the error 'cannot not find msvcp140.dll'

Version 1.1.1 - 02 Nov 2017

  • Fixed: SSLRobot would crash when testing servers that ignore the Connection request header
  • Improved: The built-in list of trusted root CA certificates has been updated

Version 1.0.26 - 31 Jan 2017

  • Fixed: The SSL 2 test could fail with a 'no ciphers' error on some hosts

Version 1.0.25 - 09 Jan 2017

  • Fixed: ALPN checking could fail to complete

Version 1.0.24 - 20 Dec 2016

  • Fixed: HTTP/2 detection could fail on some sites

Version 1.0.23 - 13 Dec 2016

  • Fixed: An error could occur while checking ALPN on some sites

Version 1.0.22 - 08 Dec 2016

  • Fixed: An error could occur while checking SSL 2 and TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV on some sites

Version 1.0.21 - 01 Dec 2016

  • New: Now detects extra, unused SSL certificates supplied by the server
  • Fixed: Some export ciphers were not detected

Version 1.0.20 - 23 Nov 2016

  • New: SSLRobot for Mac is now available for download
  • New: SSLRobot license keys now work on Windows and Mac
  • New: The task bar icon on Windows flashes and the dock bar icon in OSX bounces when a scan has finished

Version 1.0.18 - 09 Nov 2016

  • New: The 'Suggestions and Feedback' menu item links to a web page where new features for SSLRobot can be submitted and voted on
  • New: A host name can be supplied as a command line argument to SSLRobot to automatically start a check, e.g. from a script or other tool
  • Improved: URLs and email addresses can now be entered in the host name field and a check will be run on the embedded host name
  • Improved: Grade capped at F for 512 bit export suites that might be vulnerable to the FREAK attack
  • Improved: The main window position is now saved and reused whenever SSLRobot is started

Version 1.0.17 - 27 Oct 2016

  • New: SSLRobot is now available on Windows

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